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Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing for the comfort of your baby!

Unique Baby's Boutique knows that your child is precious to you and that you only want the best for your child. So we are here to offer unique items for your baby, but also safe Eco-Friendly baby products. 

Eco-Friendly may be a newer term to you, but when it comes to clothing it means that the fabric does not contain pesticides or harsh chemicals. We know that you only want to touch your babies skin with Eco-Friendly baby clothing like 100% Organic Cotton or a newer material called Bamboo. Both of these materials are Eco-Friendly baby clothing that offer the softness and safety that you want touching your babies skin. 

We have some products in our clothing line that you will not see the Eco-Friendly baby symbol.  These are unique baby items, like the Christening gowns and accessories, that are 100% silk and /or 100% Swiss cotton.  But they do not have the Eco-Friendly Baby symbol because we do not know for sure if the material is Eco-Friendly baby clothing.  

You can be confident that when you see our Eco-Friendly baby symbol on a page that it is chemical and pesticide free or safe for the environment.

BB-Bamboo romper with footies
Bamboo Baby Romper with Footies
BB-Bamboo romper with footies - Bamboo Baby Romper with Footies

Bamboo Baby Sleeping Gown
BB-BambooSleepingGown - Bamboo Baby Sleeping Gown


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