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Pacifier Buddy

Binky Buddy
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Watch a video of the Pacifier Buddy in action!
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Pink or Green

A Mom's Must Have!

The Pacifier Buddy is the Perfect Addition to the Pacifier. It provides a soft and cuddly extension to the pacifier which helps the baby independently retrieve the pacifier. The Pacifier Buddy keeps the pacifier from falling away when not in use which allows the baby to retrieve the pacifier without parental assistance when wanted. Both parent and baby feel proud when baby maneuvers their head in order to retrieve pacifier all on their own.

The Pacifier Buddy sprouted from a concept developed by Neonatal Nurses to provide a way to keep the pacifier close to needy infants.

Why every Mom should have one!

  • No More Sleepless Nights
    • The Pacifier Buddy helps keep the pacifier close to the baby allowing for longer periods of uninterrupted rest.
  • Wrap in Swaddle with Baby or Use in a Stroller.
  • Use in Car Seat Restraints
    • The Pacifier Buddy allows Parents to focus on driving, and prevents them from having to dangerously reach back in an attempt to find a lost pacifier for their crying baby.
  • Promotes Hand Eye Coordination
    • The Pacifier Buddy is suitable for babies of all ages that use a pacifier.

Watch a video of the Pacifier Buddy in action! Click Here

The Pacifier Buddy works with all pacifiers having a holding ring. Simply slide the holding ring portion of the pacifier behind the strap and fasten the Velcro through the center of the holding ring.

The Pacifier Buddy can be easily washed, simply remove the pacifier and machine wash in warm water and tumble dry.



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